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General Program Guidelines
To receive reimbursement, ALL advertising submissions must be in compliance with program guidelines, brand guidelines and include the required documents. If documentation is missing or preapproval was not received on customized advertising, your claim will be denied. Send proposed advertising to for review and approval prior to production. All claims must be submitted by September 30, 2022.

2022 Cenex® Lubricants Ad Share Form

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Item Being Claimed

Required Documentation

Claimed Amount

Dealer Customized Advertising Materials

(Sales Flyers, Direct Mail, Web Banners, etc.)

Sample of advertising materials and invoice

Print Advertising

(Pre-approved Newspaper, Newsletter, etc.)

Sample of advertising (tear sheets) and paid invoice

Radio Advertising

Paid invoice and notarized affidavit of performance, including script

Cenex Shop Point-of-Sale Materials

(Excludes all labels)

Cenex Shop order confirmation or invoice

Cenex Lubricants Branded Signage

(Excludes monument signs, pole or railing signs or other large commercial retail signage)

Paid invoices and a photo of signage or Cenex Shop order confirmation or invoice

Cenex Lubricants Branded Promotional Merchandise and Apparel

(Capped at $1,000 per fiscal year)

Cenex Shop order confirmation/invoice, or paid vendor invoice with proof of CHS Lubricants Marketing preapproval

Cenex Lubricants dealers will receive 75% ad share reimbursement on items submitted under the categories above. At minimum, dealers will receive $1,000 of annual Ad Share credit for marketing materials, or $.04/gallon based on previous fiscal year Cenex branded lubricants purchases, whichever is greater. Once that level is reached, additional ad share claims will be denied.

Dealers should contact their CHS Lubricants District Manager with any questions.

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