Cenex® Premium Diesel

Cenex® Premium Diesel fuels provide a more complete burn to keep fuel and exhaust systems clean, increasing power and efficiency with less repairs and more uptime. Every gallon of Cenex Premium Diesel fuel contains a tailored blend of seven additives that are terminally injected to ensure the highest standards of quality and performance. Selling Cenex Premium Diesel fuels sets you apart in the market because they consistently outperform #2 diesel fuel and set the standard that all other “premiums” try to measure up to.

Cenex Premium Diesel fuels are designed for both on-road and off-road use; Cenex Roadmaster XL® is designed for on-road use, while Cenex® Ruby Fieldmaster® is designed for off-road use only and is dyed red for tax identification purposes.

Tire tracks in the snow
Cenex® Winterized Premium Diesel Fuels

Looking for a Premium Diesel for the colder months? Cenex Winterized Premium Diesel Fuels deliver the serious weather protection your diesel engines need to optimize power and engine performance.

Some Might Call This an Elevator Pitch. We Just Call It the Facts.

Compared to typical untreated #2 diesel fuel, Cenex premium diesel fuel:

Reduces downtime and costly repairs.
Restores fuel economy by as much as 5%.
Restores power by up to 4.5%.
Boosts lubricity by 10-15%.
Extends life of injectors and injector pumps.
Provides quicker, more efficient starts with a higher cetane number (typically 47-49).
Reduces maintenance costs.
Cleans up and prevents injector fouling in 2007 and newer engines.

Dive Into the Seven Terminally Injected Additives

  • Demulsifier

    Demulsifiers help water separate from the fuel and fall to the bottom of the tank, which allows for easy drainage and removal. This prevents unwanted moisture from being carried through the fuel system and reduces the volume of water entering the combustion chamber.

    • Easier removal of water from storage tank
    • Less wear on injectors
    • Fewer filter replacements
    • Prevents algae formation in storage tanks

  • Aggressive Detergents
    Aggressive Detergents

    Aggressive detergent components help fuel systems stay clean and performing at their optimum level. 

    • Improves fuel efficiency (up to 5% better in comparison to #2 diesel fuel)
    • 4.5% improved power
    • Cleans injectors and prevents deposit buildup 
    • Maintains ideal injector spray pattern 
  • Injection Stabilizer
    Injection Stabilizer

    Addresses fuel oxidation problems in new engine technology fuel injectors and prevents internal diesel injector deposits (IDID) from forming deep inside high-precision injectors. 

    • Less filter and injector replacements in new engine technologies 
    • Less downtime and maintenance costs
  • Lubricity Improver
    Lubricity Improver

    Friction-reducing agents provide better protection against friction and wear on the fuel pump. 

    • Protects moving parts from excessive wear
    • Meets OEM fuel lubricity recommendations 
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
    Corrosion Inhibitors

    Provides superior corrosion protection, preventing the formation of rust on metal parts. 

    • Less downtime and maintenance costs
    • Slows the natural degradation of diesel fuel caused by exposure to oxygen
    • Prevents corrosion caused leaks, blockages and breaks in metal parts
  • Storage Stabilizer
    Storage Stabilizer

    Reduces gum and varnish buildup and contains components to extend the storage life of diesel fuel. 

    • Tolerates temperature extremes
    • Increases injector life and optimizes combustability
  • Cetane Improver
    Cetane Improver

    Cetane is a measure of diesel engine startability. The higher the cetane number, the quicker the fuel will ignite. Cenex Premium Diesel fuel has a typical cetane number of 47-49.

    • Less strain on engines and electrical systems
    • Less downtime and maintenance costs
    • Quicker, more fuel-efficient starts
    • Smoother running engines
    • Better cold weather starts

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